ATTENTION ALL POKÉMON MASTERS! A new League of 8 Gyms and an Elite Four stand in your way to Pokémon stardom! See inside!

Good morning, trainers!Do you have what it takes to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Come prove it!We are a brand new, Reddit-based Pokémon League where you come and challenge real people who have put together monotype Gym Leader-style teams! If you win, you will earn Badges and even prize Pokémon!How do I participate, you say?Head on over to /r/pokeleaguechallenge and read our sidebar rules for instructions on how to build a roster and challenge Gym Leaders! In short, you will make a new text post calling out one of the gyms for a battle. If a leader accepts your challenge, you will battle them in a 6 on 6 Singles match for all the glory! If you win, you will receive a badge from that gym, and a competitive breedject prize of the Gym leader’s signature Pokémon!Collect all 8 badges by beating leaders at every gym, and you will earn a chance to take on our Elite Four and Champion for shiny prizes, legendaries, and more!This invitation goes out to all Pokémon battlers, regardless of skill level. We are a friendly, soft-meta League designed to give new battlers a taste of competitive Pokémon in a familiar setting, and experienced battlers a chance to do something new and challenging!So.. do you have what it takes? We don’t believe you! Come show us what a real Pokémon master looks like, and earn some nice things for yourself on the way!We await your challenge.psychosocial–, League Director