Brock has shitty parents

Brock’s father, Flint, is a total dirtbag.He left his family to become a Pokemon Trainer (already very irresponsible and selfish given that he HAD A FAMILY), leaving only his wife to care for nine kids.Then Brock’s mom, Lola, also leaves. What?! Why? Now Brock has to take care of EIGHT KIDS all by himself–the boy is 15–while his parents are off doing god-knows-what. How does he provide for them? He’s just a Gym Leader, so I guess they get paid big bucks.Then when Flint fails as a trainer, what does he do? Return to his family? Nooo, he stays away and looks from afar out of “shame”. We don’t even know what Lola was doing all this time, so I assume she was just goofing around like an irresponsible mother. Only when Brock showed a desire to travel with Ash did Flint decide to step up and fill in his spot as the family patriarch, but by then he’s too late. He’s a deadbeat.This could be why Brock is so eager to copulate with a woman–he wants to have his own family, but avoid the mistakes of his parents. Brock is an admirable role model for those with missing or negligent parents.