What’s the strongest Pokémon you reckon a team of twenty unarmed men could take out in the wild?

Help me answer a debate we’ve been having: somewhere between Magikarp – which would be beaten to a bloody pulp in minutes – and Mewtwo – who’d turn the very brains of anyone who looked at it wrong into goo before you could say Pokémon GO – there’s a line.Rules are the ‘mon is on an open field, has a moveset with limited PP, can only use non-adjacent special attacks on a single person (i.e. one thundershock, one cardiovascular failure; one earthquake, shattered bodies everywhere) and cannot fly, dig, surf or otherwise run away. The humans have nothing but their bare hands, wit and unfaltering courage in the face of ice beams and fire blasts on their side.This is a fight to the death. What could we take, and how could we do it?Disclaimer:thispostdoesnotcondoneunsolicitedattackand/orabuseofwildPokémon.Treat’emwithloveandcompassion,y’all.

What’s your favorite thing about the Hoenn region?

My last post about Johto (my favorite region) was moderately successful and I’m kinda bored so I was wondering what was everyone’s favorite thing about the Hoenn region, which is probably my 2nd favorite. For me it’s gotta be that route (idk the number) between Mauville and Fortree. That is an incredible route. Probably the best in any game. Another favorite of mine is if you go north from rustboro and surf behind meteor falls there is an area with a bunch of different secret base locations. On my emerald version I had that area filled up with secret bases which wasn’t easy because that was before online based. You actually had to mix records with people.Hoenn also probably has the best all around starters.

AMA with the Pokkén Community: We’re a collection of top Pokkén players, streamers, and content creators here to answer your questions about Pokken, Pokemon, and Nintendo ahead of the Pokémon World Championships and the launch of Pokkén DX!”

Hello /r/Pokemon! With the Pokémon World Championships and the launch of Pokkén Tournament DX fast approaching, the Pokkén community wanted to help answer any questions you might have to help you get the most out of watching Pokkén at worlds, and be ahead of the curve for the release of DX!For those who don’t know, Pokkén Tournament is a competitive fighting game for the Wii U featuring 16 fan favorite Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Garchomp, Sceptile, and even oddballs like Chandelure, that mixes elements of both traditional 2D fighting games like Street Fighter and 3D arena fighters like the Gundam VS titles! The DX release, coming out for Nintendo Switch on September 22nd, that will add 5 additional playable Pokémon, a new set of support Pokémon, new stages and new modes.The members of the Pokkén community answering your questions will be:/u/ALLISTER_Pokken : Allister Singh is an American Professional Pokkén Tournament player and a Global Community Leader with a number of impressive top 8 tournament results, as well as a moderator on PokkenArena.com and the /r/Pokkengame discord. You may know him as one of the invitees and the final winner of Nintendo’s E3 Pokkén Tournament DX Invitational from this past E3./u/McDareth : McDareth is a Blaziken main, and both as a partnered twitch streamer, streams and produces a variety of video content for Pokkén to help newer players by explaining some of the depth of techniques and how to apply them, as well a tournament competitor, with his greatest success being placing top 16 at Winter Brawl 2017. He also streams, produces video content, and competes in Smash/u/SSB_Scatz : Roderick “Scatz” McArthur, is a prominent Charizard main within the Pokkén community, often working behind the scenes with events and projects such a History Wiki for Pokkén, an upcoming podcast called Ferrum Heights, and often talking to other companies for Pokkén support at events. He’s also got some impressive tournament results, such as placing first at Momocon 2017./u/6tennis : Six is a Mewtwo player who has been active within the game’s community since the beginning. While he doesn’t often go to events, he has a wealth of knowledge about the game itself./u/Ouroboro_san : Ouroborodfgaren is a renowned Gardevoir/Machamp player that has made multiple top 8 placings at a variety of tournaments, and an an invitee/competitor at the Pokemon Worlds Championships; as well as a video content producer on Youtube./u/Comboman77 : Combo is an active player and commentator stationed in Austin, Texas who has been playing and following the game since launch day. His notable achievements include top 16 DreamHack Austin 2017 as well as casting pools and top 8 of the same event. He could go on forever just talking about Pokkén Tournament and video games in general.With that said, I hope you have tons of great questions for everybody! For more information about Pokkén, check out /r/PokkenGame, http://www.pokkenarena.com/, and discord.gg/pokken !EDIT:Thanks for all your questions! You guys were way more involved and passionate then we expected! We might still be around to answer questions a bit longer, but the AMA is now “formally” over, at least!We hope to see you watching Pokken at worlds in a few days, and online in Pokken DX next month!