TCG Set Reveal Hints At Possible New Ultra Beasts

I noticed that no one’s mentioned it here yet, so I’ll go over it. Earlier today, Pokebeach posted the first details of the English TCG set to be released in February, it is called Ultra Prism and will be the first set to include cards based on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. (Link: These press release statements are usually simple things that reveal the set name, a rough number of cards in the set and a few details with regards to the Ultra Rares of the set (GX cards in the 7th generation) and any new mechanics which is a feature of this particular set. The interesting thing to note is the mention of 10 GX cards, 5 of which will be Ultra Beasts. Between Crimson Invasion and the Ultra Beast Collection boxes, all 7 current Ultra Beasts from Sun and Moon will be released in English in the next two weeks. (These will all be the sole appearances of these Pokemon in the TCG thus far) So, it stands to reason that barring a significantly increased story-presence, which in itself would be noteworthy, we can assume the 5 UBs featured in Ultra Prism will not be existing ones, it’s exceedingly rare for the same Pokemon to feature in consecutive sets as marquee cards. We have 3 newly announced UBs in Burst, Assembly and Adhesive, this leaves 2 more unaccounted for. There is a possibility of it referring to Necrozma’s two new forms which from the Japanese press release with regards to their SM5 set which will become Ultra Prism will feature in the set. However, neither Necrozma nor Solgaleo or Lunala have featured as Ultra Beasts in the TCG which is a separate “mechanic”. (Red GX cards opposed to the normal blue) Like an increased story presence of existing UBs, Necrozma’s new forms being officially classified as UBs would be a big reveal in itself. The only remaining option is two more UBs which are yet to be revealed featuring in USUM. Whichever of the three options, there’s some sort of news here that I thought people would like to know about. Personally, I’m looking forward to the fact there are at least 3 new Ultra Beasts as well as the new elements with the Ultra Wormholes, it was something I was hoping they would expand on in the games.