In the next generation of Pokemon, you’re in charge of buffing three Pokemon. Who do you choose and why?

If you could change any three Pokemon to make them better, whether for competitive use or just to make them better overall, who would you pick? What would you do to make them better?I’ll get the ball rolling:• Chatot. I made a previous statement on this subreddit about how I wish Chatot was a better Pokemon because it is outclassed by many other bird Pokemon, such as Pidgeot. The thing that makes Chatot interesting is its signature move, Chatter, which guarantees confusion. Although confusion is now only a 30% chance to hit yourself, it still gives you an upper hand, especially against Swords Dance users or just Pokemon with high attack/lower defense overall. The way I would buff Chatot is as follows: increase Chatter’s Base Power from 65 to 90, give Chatot a better ability to work with (I brought up Infiltrator previously, but I forgot sound moves can go through Substitute), such as Soundproof or Scrappy to hit Ghosts w/ Boomburst, and give Chatot +10 in Speed (91 > 101) and Special Attack (92 > 102). Chatot needs some love, he didn’t shield us in Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky for nothing.• Golisopod. You cannot give us a Pokemon with such a cool design and make it heavily flawed in terms of competitive battling. Golisopod boasts amazing physical capabilities, and even has respectable Special Defense. It’s almost guaranteed to take any unboosted hit. The fault lies in its ability, Emergency Exit, which is just a renamed version of Wimp Out. Even though it has good bulk, it’s at the mercy of any move that can take it down to half health or lower, since it will force it to switch out. This is bad, especially if there’s Stealth Rocks on your side. First Impression is a decent move to compromise for its terrible ability, but even then, it has Fake Out’s turn mechanics. What I would do is just give Golisopod a better ability. Going the Heracross approach by giving it Moxie to increase its attack after every KO it gets or Guts to prevent Will-O-Wisp users from being a problem would be nice, given that it’s probably not going to outspeed the foe anyways due to its bad speed. Or, you can give Golisopod its own Z-Move for First Impression, which could be a massive damaging U-turn, making it a decent pivot. This is ya boy, let him shine.• Audino. More specifically, Mega Audino. I don’t think I’m alone when I say this was the most “wtf” moment for me when Mega Evolutions of various Pokemon were being announced. I tend to think of Mega Audino almost as a pseudo Cresselia, albeit Mega Audino has slightly higher Special Attack. Once again, the problem lies with its ability, Healer. In singles format, it is useless. A lot of people brought up how it should have kept Regenerator, much like how Mega Scizor kept Technician. I agree with this sentiment. I would also buff Audino’s Special Attack by a bit, from 60 > 70 in base form, and 80 > 90 in Mega form. Mega Audino, at least to me, is the worst Mega Evolution. It needs the most help of them all.

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