What are some Pokemon that you know of that are basically unusable in the main game because of how you obtain them?

For me it’s Kabuto.In gen 1, you get him at level 5 when you’re at the 7th gym. That’s not really a good time to get a level 5 Pokemon.Gen 2: Not even in the gameGen 3: Not even in the game, except in the remakes where it has the same problems as gen 1.Gen 4: Only available in Platinum, and I’m pretty sure it’s based on a random number that you get when you start a new game. So, if you don’t get lucky then fuck you.Gen 5: Not in the gameGen 6: This is the only game where you can reasonably get Kabuto. Good job gen 6.Gen 7: Not in the game.It’s a shame because I love his design, but Game Freak always makes the little bastard unusable.

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