[Pokemon of the Week] Sylveon

Hello all! It’s time for another Pokemon of the Week thread! Don’t forget to vote for next week’s Pokemon of the Week at the bottom of this post!This week’s Pokemon is Sylveon#700 Sylveon (Japanese ニンフィア Nymphia)Intertwining PokémonIts ribbonlike feelers give off an aura that weakens hostility in its prey, causing them to let down their guard. Then it attacks. When this Pokémon sights its prey, it swirls its ribbonlike feelers as a distraction. A moment later, it pounces.Artwork by /u/ParisaXOXO for /r/Pokemon Draws PokemonSylveon on – Bulbapedia | Serebii | Smogon | Pokemon.comPrevious evolutionary stages#133 Eevee (Japanese イーブイ Eievui)Evolution PokémonPossessing an unbalanced and unstable genetic makeup, it conceals many possible evolutions. Current studies show it can evolve into an incredible eight different species of Pokémon.Artwork by /u/Xertico for /r/Pokemon Draws PokemonEevee on – Bulbapedia | Serebii | Smogon | Pokemon.com#470 Leafeon (Japanese リーフィア Leafia)Verdant PokémonIts cellular composition is closer to that of a plant than an animal. It uses photosynthesis to produce its energy supply without eating food. The younger they are, the more they smell like fresh grass. With age, their fragrance takes on the odor of fallen leaves.Artwork by /u/Midnightfables for /r/Pokemon Draws PokemonLeafeon on – Bulbapedia | Serebii | Smogon | Pokemon.com#471 Glaceon (Japanese グレイシア Glacia)Fresh Snow PokémonIt can control its body temperature at will. This enables it to freeze the moisture in the atmosphere, creating flurries of diamond dust. It freezes its fur into icicles, spiky and sharp, and tackles its prey.Artwork by /u/Rageaholic747 for /r/Pokemon Draws PokemonGlaceon on – Bulbapedia | Serebii | Smogon | Pokemon.com#135 Jolteon (Japanese サンダース Thunders)Lightning PokémonThey send out electrical charges of about 10,000 volts. Because they are high-strung, it can be difficult to grow close to them. When its fur stands on end, that’s a sign it’s about to give off a jolt of electricity. Take care, as sometimes lightning strikes next to it, too.Artwork by /u/throwawaygrep for /r/Pokemon Draws PokemonJolteon on – Bulbapedia | Serebii | Smogon | Pokemon.com#134 Vaporeon (Japanese シャワーズ Showers)Bubble Jet PokémonIts cells are composed of units much like water molecules. It lives close to water and is often mistaken for a mermaid. Blending in with the water and erasing all signs of its presence, it patiently waits for its prey, fish Pokémon.Artwork by /u/Cyarkos for /r/Pokemon Draws PokemonVaporeon on – Bulbapedia | Serebii | Smogon | Pokemon.com#136 Flareon (Japanese ブースター Booster)Flame PokémonWhen it catches prey or finds berries, it breathes fire on them until they’re well done, and then it gobbles them up. Its average body temperature is between 1,300 and 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. In its internal flame sac, temperatures reach 3,000 degrees.Artwork by /u/COOKIE_Vp for /r/Pokemon Draws PokemonFlareon on – Bulbapedia | Serebii | Smogon | Pokemon.com#196 Espeon (Japanese エーフィ Eifie)Sun PokémonIt can instantaneously sense its opponent’s movements by feeling air currents with its fine fur. It unleashes psychic power from the orb on its forehead. When its power is exhausted, the orb grows dull and dark.Artwork by /u/Awkward_Torkoal for /r/Pokemon Draws PokemonEspeon on – Bulbapedia | Serebii | Smogon | Pokemon.com#197 Umbreon (Japanese ブラッキー Blacky)Moonlight PokémonWhen this Pokémon becomes angry, its pores secrete a poisonous sweat, which it sprays at its opponent’s eyes. With its black fur, it blends into the darkness. It bides its time, and when prey appears, this Pokémon goes for its throat, and then eats it.Artwork by /u/y2kcasualty for /r/Pokemon Draws PokemonUmbreon on – Bulbapedia | Serebii | Smogon | Pokemon.comIn the comments, feel free to discuss your likes and dislikes about this Pokemon, be they from your playthroughs of the main series or side games, your success or failure with this Pokemon competitively, any cool fan artwork (with the source) featuring this Pokemon that you’d like to share, or anything else!To determine next week’s PotW, we use this site to generate three random, fully-evolved Pokemon. Then, we put it to a vote. Which of the following three Pokemon should be next week’s PotW?LanturnXatuRibombeeVote here!Thisthreadispartof/r/pokemon’sregularstickyrotation.Toseeourrotationscheduleandallpaststickyrotationthreads,gohere!

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