Mina’s Trial in USUM?

I think it’s probably a pretty safe assumption that in the alternate timeline USUM, Mina will have an actual Fairy-type trial. In SM she tells you she’s thinking about making something involving art and picking flowers…but what will the actual trial involve, if it happens in USUM?My own personal idea is that it could be a quiz trial like Kiawe’s and Sophacles’, but involving looking at art and answering questions based on patterns and color. For each section of the Vast Poni Canyon, there will be a set of paintings Mina has painted. After looking at each one, she will ask you a question about the paintings you just looked at. For example:”What color was the house in the painting on the left wall?” (Red, Blue, Yellow)”In the painting by the underground lake, what number is hidden in the grass?” (452, 637, 725)If you answer incorrectly, a random wild Fairy-type Pokemon will become so resentful that it can’t help but attack. But each time you answer correctly, Mina will give you a boquet of flowers to put on an altar to help summon the Totem Pokemon…although you’ll still have to battle some lesser fairies drawn to the flowers first.Totem Pokemon: ComfeyAllies: Shiinotic, Floette (new Alola Pokedex addition)The Totem Comfey has Triage and a +1 boost to all stats, as well as abilities like Draining Kiss and Floral Healing, which it will use to heal itself and its allies. Floette also will summon Misty Terrain.

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