Idea to Improve Hail

Hail is nothing compared to the other three weather conditions. Even sandstorm boosts rock type Pokemon’s special defense by 50%, and that weather doesn’t damage 3 different types, allowing sand teams to be more diverse. But hail… does damage. It’s best property is having a 100% accurate blizzard, an effect that doesn’t offer much variety.My idea is twofold: water types take no damage from hail, and all ice types have the effects of the ability Filter/Solid Rock (ONLY ice types get this, some people don’t seem to understand this). I chose these changes for a few reasons. Adding more types that don’t take damage allows a more diverse team, increasing the viability of hail as a theme. The idea to give hail a filtering effect stems from the similar traits of sandstorm. Sand takes the rock type’s biggest defensive weakness (its special defense) and gives them a tool to overcome it. I wanted to take the ice type’s biggest defensive weakness (its 5 common and powerful weaknesses) and give them a tool to overcome them.While these changes aren’t drastic, they improve bulky ice types and offer more versatility to the weather condition.

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