What if the event Rockruff was able to become your starter

I thought it was odd to have a form such as the new dusk form Lycanrock be event exclusive, and I’m not sure if it’s been done before besides Ash-Greninja (but you can still obviously get greninja … i don’t know). Anyway from the event pokemon I’ve taken part in I always found in-game events lacking. I am also disappointed to see a “regular” pokemon as only being around for a short time as a collector – kinda feels like a “give us your money or else”.Annyyywaayyy, I was thinking of ways one might make this event pokemon enjoyable – so why not actually have a good in game event. Let’s take it a step further and make this rockruff available to be a starter. Like load USUM up put in the code do whatever the opening scene is and get to the professor. Cut to running an errand to get rockruff from mailman (maybe have it walk beside you), give to the professor and when you get to the time to choose your starter the professor noticed the rockruff took a liking to you that it would like to be your partner. However if not you can get the rockruff later since it still likes you, or skip mailman at first and just get rockruff after the selection. Sure theres flaws in this – but I think this will give a new take on the selection of starters and interesting

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