The new Pokemon movie does a great job on strength differences (Minor spoilers)

I’m on summer break now so I finally went to my local theater to see the new movie. I will avoid spoiling anything about the main plot, but I wanted to talk about something I felt was really enjoyable about the new film so if I spoil the appearances of any specific Pokemon then I apologise in advance. Beware of minor scene spoilers if you’re trying to avoid that. Better yet get out of this thread if you don’t want any spoilers.Something I really enjoyed about this movie was the strength differences of the Pokemon, it felt much better than what we have seen before. For example during a battle they accidentally upset a wild Onix and it goes on a rampage. That thing was huge and angry, they couldn’t fight it because it was just too strong for them so they had to find another way out of the situation. Or while battling a wild Pinsir, Ash’s Caterpie wrapped it in silk but it just ripped off the the silk and walked away. In another scene with some Primape’s, they escaped but again there was just no way they could take them on in a battle.During a battle with one of the other trainers, Ash used a Charmeleon and his opponent used an Incineroar (is that it’s name?) and he just had no chance. It was pretty even once he had a Charizard, but the battle was mostly one-sided before that.Next is legendary Pokemon. I won’t say which legendary Pokemon appear in this movie, I’ve only seen Ho-Oh in the trailers here in Japan so I won’t say who the others are, but they fight 3 of them and they just don’t stand a chance. One of them, they attack it and literally zero damage happens. It jumps over them, looks at them and runs away and then you get this feeling like “yeah, that’s a legendary Pokemon, no way you can take on that). Same thing happens later in the movie, Ash challenges another legendary to a battle but he’s no match for it.In this movie it didn’t feel like Ash ever won because he’s the main character, and it didn’t feel like he lost for the sake of the story. All of the battles seemed pretty well matched based on who used what Pokemon. An Onix was definitely a force to be reckoned with for example. The only gripe I really had was a Pinsir being lifted up in the air by a much smaller Pokemon, but not even two seconds later it just walked away so I felt the scene wasn’t a problem. Also Snorlax. But overall I felt like they did a good job on this. A Caterpie is no match for a Pinsir for example but a Charmeleon would be. I felt like they did a good job on that, because sometimes in the anime we see strange battles like a Bulbasaur vs a Blastoise or similar. Sometimes in the anime you will see a really low level Pokemon beat a much stronger Pokemon through some sort of gimmick, no way was that happening in this movie.I really enjoyed this movie, no complaints. I felt like it did the original story segments really well and I also really enjoyed the new stuff. The ending was also good. I hope to see more movies like this come out of the franchise in the future, it really seems like they’re stepping up their game recently. I’ve heard from others that the anime has gotten really good, and I’ve seen some videos from the anime that show that. I remember when I was a kid watching Diamond & Pearl and they borrowed a lot of stuff from the original series, I wish the anime back then could have been as good as it is now.Has anyone else seen the new movie? What did you think about it?

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