The Great Pokemon Elimination 2017: Round 1, Part 7

Hello All! Just wanted to say, thank you for taking the time and voting. I very much appreciate it.THE RULESThe rules are simple, 50 random pokemon will be selected at a time to enter the polls. Unlike last year where you only chose one of two. This time you can choose as many pokemon as you want! Thats right. No more pairing up pokemon. All you have to do is select the pokemon that you like, even if its just a smidge, Every Vote Counts. The top 25 voted pokemon will be moving on to the next round, while the bottom 25 voted will be eliminated. Cheer on your favorites in the comments and most importantly don’t take these polls super seriously its just for fun. Now without anymore delay…CURRENT POLL/RESULTSTHE PROGRESSRound 1, Part 6 ResultsTop (Votes)Bottom (Votes)Kingdra (301)Fraxure (110)Nidoking (285)Zigzagoon (103)Vulpix (255)Snorunt (102)Snorlax (250)Seel (99)Excadrill (235)Mudbray (95)Turtwig (212)Thundurus (92)Starmie (205)Natu (92)Mismagius (193)Tangela (90)Litwick (188)Mandibuzz (89)Krokorok (178)Yamask (85)Azumarill (178)Masquerain (84)Trevenant (178)Slugma (83)Cloyster (172)Shiinotic (80)Luxio (170)Whiscash (78)Doublade (168)Dedenne (77)Incineroar (168)Unown (75)Charmeleon (165)Delcatty (73)Gligar (165)Pikipek (72)Rapidash (161)Maractus (71)Magikarp (160)Carnivine (69)Kangaskhan (144)Combee (57)Jigglypuff (142)Alolan Graveler (51)Cradily (129)Boldore (46)Teddiursa (124)Vullaby (36)Klefki (112)Aromatisse (28)THE POLLSRound 1, Part 1Round 1, Part 2Round 1, Part 3Round 1, Part 4Round 1, Part 5Round 1, Part 6Round 1, Part 7Round 1, Part 8comingsoonDon’t forget to upvote this so we can get as many voters as we can, or not, I’m not forcing youPLEASE don’t downvote because a pokemon you liked got eliminatied. We want to try to get as many people to vote. At the end of the day please remember this is just for fun. Thank you for taking the time to read this/participate, OK I love you bye byeThe Great Pokemon Elimination 2016

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