Key item storage in Sun and Moon (and how it pertains to Mega Stones, Plates, Memories, and Nectars)

(!) This was originally a comment on another post but I think it deserves a separate discussionI don’t understand why Gamefreak got the storage and equipping aspects of Z-Crystals so right but then absolutely failed with Mega Stones, Plates, Memories, and Nectars this game.Mega Stones should have their own tab – just like Z-Crystals – and I should be able to equip them to as many Pokémon as I see fit. You can only Mega Evolve once per battle anyway – just like Z-Crystals – so what does it matter if I have my Slowbronite equipped to a few different Slobros in my PC?As for the Plates, Memories, and Nectars, there’s no reason that sets of items – each applicable only to one Pokémon – should be taking up that much space in the inventory screen. They should have created new key items to hold each group and then we could use those key items to “swap” between the different options/forms per Pokémon. For example, there should be a “Nectar Flask” that you use to switch Oricorio between its different forms without taking up multiple slots in the inventory. A “Memory Box” for swapping out Silvally’s different memories would also be appreciated, as would a “Plate Crate (?)” for swapping out Arceus’ plates.The Zygarde Cube, Gracidia, Prison Bottle, DNA Splicer, and Reveal Glass key items prove these ideas are mechanically possible, so why wouldn’t they implement them? We already had too many hold items before Sun and Moon, but instead of making the situation better they just made it worse. :/If you don’t agree with my ideas, how would you make item storage better in Sun & Moon (or any games thereafter)? Do you even think it’s a problem?

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