Dusk VS Twilight Lycanroc Form Debunked

INTRO:Let me just start off by saying that this whole situation was nothing more than a minor mistranslation. In short, the English name for this new form is actually supposed to be called “Twilight Lycanroc”.For those who don’t already know what’s going on, allow me to explain the situation. This all started a couple of weeks prior to writing this post with a Pokémon merchandise listings that showcased three blacked out products with a question mark inside. People theorized as to what these new products could be and if one of them would turn out to be a new form/Pokémon. Some people even speculated that one of these figures would be a new Lycanroc form, due to an upcoming (aired) Pokémon episode featuring Ash’s Rockruff and Tapu Lele. The justification was that there would be an imbalance in the anime if Ash’s Rockruff evolved into either the Midday or Midnight Lycanroc forms, due to it having taken a liking to both Gladion and Olivia’s Lycanroc, which are Midnight and Midday forms respectively. Due to the only time of day being in the middle of midday and midnight being twilight, the leading theory was that the new form would be called Twilight Lycanroc.CONFIRMATION, CONFUSION, AND THEORIES DEBUNKED:A couple of days before the Rockruff episode aired, the Pokémon Company Japan tweeted that Shingeru Ohmori, the project director of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, would appear on Pokénchi to talk about a surprising announcement from the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime. Given that the episode in question was the Rockruff episode in question everyone assumed that the new Lycanroc form would be confirmed. Turns out that everyone who speculated that a new Lycanroc form would be announced was 100% right. Fans even accurately predicted the name of the new form: Twilight.Here’s where things got messy. The new Lycanroc form had two names depending on the language of the announcement: Twilight and Dusk. Seeing as these are not the exact time of day, people began speculating the significance of the different naming. The overall community opinion was divided — almost exactly in half — between the different naming having no significance and the possibility of a potential Dawn Lycanroc form, seeing as the opposite of Dusk is Dawn. However, there’s actually nothing to debate.The matter of the fact is that this situation is nothing more than a minor mistranslation that was taken way out of proportion. There are actually seven Japanese words that mean both “dusk” and “twilight”. Semantics may not be enough to prove that there is only meant to be one new form, so I went in search of the scientific explanation behind this as well.According to the Pokémon anime, what led to Lycanroc’s special evolution is the result of an optical phenomenon called “green flash”, where the sun appears to be green in color. (http://earthsky.org/earth/can-i-see-a-green-flash). In short, a green flash can only be observed right after sunrise and right before sunset for a brief period of about one to two seconds. So with all this information in mind, why would the new Lycanroc form be called “Twilight”? Well, the only time of day that occurs twice in a 24 hour cycle is twilight ( http://earthsky.org/earth/twilight-2 )( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twilight). It first occurs between dawn and sunrise, and again between sunset and dusk. Basically, twilight is the middle ground between day and night, with the green flash being a special phenomenon leading into and out of this time period.

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